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Collaboration and Problem Solving is a problem solving and collaboration network for freelancers, consultants and anyone who works independently or from home.


If you are self employed, collaboration and networking is a bit of a lucky dip. You may meet a great contact or client at a networking event, but equally, you might end up not meeting anyone of interest or anyone you can do business with. Similarly, online networking can be a huge time sink. Blogging, tweeting and discussion forums can be great but they can also take up huge amounts of time with nothing to show for it. Writing a blog that no-one reads or comments on can be very demoralising.

The life of a freelancer or contractor is also very different from being an employee. While employees enjoy conversations and problem solving with their colleagues, it's difficult to get the same level of interaction and support if you work from home. Coffee breaks with co-workers, lunches with colleagues and office gossip can also be sorely missed if you work from home. solves all of these these problems.

  • * Small groups of like-minded people
  • * Who share common professional interests
  • * Who like to collaborate and help each other's businesses grow
  • * And who keep their commitments

Combined together, the above creates a totally new networking experience.

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Quality Conversations

Small groups of up to 10 people, a daily commitment to a status update and an optional weekly call creates quality conversations everyone can enjoy.


High quality conversations are the lifeblood of relationship building and networking. By creating new groups and spaces, creates an engaging experience for all. There are three factors that lie at the heart of this approach.

1. Everyone belongs to a small group that shares a common interest or topic. With no more than 10 people in a group, everyone gets to know each other and build a sense of connection and collaboration quickly and easily.

2. Every group member commits to making a daily status update. This can be either an activity update, asking the group a question, or sharing an interesting article, video or news item. These updates serve as a 'virtual watercooler' for everyone and conversation here is typically fun and free-flowing.

3. There is an optional weekly conference call for group members. This is a chance to talk to everyone in the group, ask questions and solve problems. Calls are split between specific agendas and topics, usually agreed in advance and a more loosely structured, general discussion format.

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Trusted Relationships uses a unique methodology to create high trust, collaborative relationships for everyone.


In order to ensure that trusted and collaborative relationships are created within each group, makes use of a unique profiling tool called 4G. 4G predicts the type of relationships and values that people share when they work or network together. 4G makes it possible to create trusted relationships between all members of a group.

4G is critical to for two reasons. Firstly, it helps create trusted relationships amongst all group members quickly and easily. Secondly, 4G is one of the key factors that go into determining which person will join which group.

Rather than networking with people based on chance and good luck, which is great fun but can be somewhat random, networking with people with whom you are highly likely to work well with can only be a good thing.

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A Common Purpose

Collaborate and network with people who share your profession, passions and values.


Working from home, or working independently is very different to being an employee. While employees can collaborate, brainstorm and problem solve with their colleagues, the chance to do this if you work from home is sometimes easier said than done. Being able to help and support people who share professional interests and a common purpose creates something that is larger than the sum of its parts. Creating small groups of people who all work in the same industry or who share a common interest or purpose is vital to making relevant and meaningful for everyone involved.

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